Maille Order by Margaret

Custom Jewelry for Your Most Special Occasions

Traditional chain maille patterns have withstood the test of time. Now, with new materials, they are at the cutting edge of today’s fashions.

From the most classic of designs, to the most modern and edgy, my pieces are all small works of art that are as pleasant to wear and touch as they are to behold. Journey back to a world where “ready-made” and “one size fits all” are not the norm. Discover the joy of owning something unique, made especially for you.


The Finest Materials

Quality work is only possible when you start with the best materials. As a prize-winning jewelry artist, my goal is to create designs for you using your choice of:

Argentium Sterling Silver
A wonderful new alloy combining the same fine silver content as traditional sterling with greatly reduced tarnishing. If you always loved the way silver looked, but hated the work of keeping it at its shiny best, you will love Argentium Sterling.

Traditional Sterling
The metal of choice for those who love “old silver” and can’t wait for a new piece to stop looking so shiny and develop a darker patina.

14 Karat Yellow Gold-Filled and 14 Karat Rose Gold-Filled
Gold-Filled has over 100 times the amount of 14 karat gold as gold-plating. It is strong, durable, and resistant to tarnish. It will not flake off. The only thing that touches your skin is 14kt gold. The result is a metal that looks and wears like 14kt gold but is much more affordable.

Solid 18 Karat Gold
All of my jewelry is available in five colors of 18kt solid gold with prices tied to the daily market quotes.


Design Extras

When jewelry is designed especially for you, there is the opportunity of adding embellishments to suit your needs:

Choose pearls, gemstones, personal mementos, even diamonds to your special piece.

Perhaps beads of a certain color to match your favorite outfit, would make it the perfect piece of jewelry.

Custom orders are always welcome. If you don’t see what you need, I will do my best to create it.

I stand behind my work and will do my best to bring you jewelry that will always give you pleasure.

Where to Find My Jewelry

Sample pictures of some of my work can be viewed in the gallery on this website, but contact me directly to place an order. This ensures that you receive only pieces that fit you and your needs.


Between shows reach me by either email or phone.

My collection is also available for private showings, by appointment, and at jewelry home parties. Contact me for available times.

Contact Information

Maille Order by Margaret LLC

(920) 527-0907





If I had known from the beginning that making real jewelry was one of my life goals, I could have found a much more direct path to reach it. Starting at age 2 trying to make “pearl” necklaces out of twist-ties and plastic beads should have been a clue. Making jewelry out of every craft that I learned over the next 45 years should have been a bigger clue. I knitted jewelry, crocheted jewelry, did macramé necklaces, all sorts of lace pieces, needlepoint jewelry, beadwork jewelry and finally wire work pieces. Something was still not quite right.

I stumbled across the idea of chain maille jewelry, made out of precious metals, in the back of a bead magazine and it felt like coming home. Years of learning  many different crafts, exploring other hobbies suddenly came together. The metals were a joy to work with, sturdy, lustrous, even silky to the touch when woven. I was delighted that the patterns weren’t just trendy styles, here today and gone tomorrow, but historical designs that in some cases went back hundreds of years. It also meant that my irresistible attraction to gems and minerals finally had a reason to be reveled in and enjoyed.

I spent several years exploring the possibilities of my new techniques, gradually mixing in my favorite gems and mineral beads and clasps. With each shopping trip, more and more beautiful cabochons followed me home. Agates and Opals, Turquoise and Labradorite, and dozens of others all begging to be added to my  jewelry repertoire. 

Once I added Wire Wrapping to my bag of tricks, everything seemed to flow smoothly. Each stone has a mind of its own demanding a slightly different wrap or setting. 

The newest addition to my collections is the hand painted “dragon's eye” jewelry. Each piece is unique and can be created in almost any color. Dragons tend to wiggle their way in and out of my work whenever they get a chance, as you can see by my mascot. Stop by my booth at a show, he will be there, waiting  to greet you.